Mimmilä Shopin Joululahja Sinulle!

Mimmilä Shop's Christmas gift for you!

Did you know that you are the most important person at Mimmilä Shop?

Customer orientation is a boring word in itself, but at the same time it is the most important thing for any company. It is especially important to Mimmilä Shop that you are the one who is satisfied with the products you ordered!

I can never thank you enough for the support you have given my little shop throughout 2020. However, I want to remember you personally with a small gift! Even Santa doesn't tell you about his gifts in advance, and Mimmilä Shop is no exception.

You will find a small, personal and homemade thank you for this year with your order. The surprise will be delivered automatically and free of charge to all orders until the end of 2020!

Santa Claus Leila is on an adventure in the November-December All Orders Freebie !
All Orders Freebie is delivered automatically and free of charge to all orders until the end of 2020.

Mimmilä Shop's most abundant new release ever!

Mimmilä Shop's online store is bursting with news in November!
In addition to new product categories, you will find a record number
e.g. deco stickers and new sticker kits!

Novelty calendar Jibun DAYs Mini suitable daybed stickers from Mimmilä Shop!
Sold as a set; 4 sheets in total €3.36 incl. VAT 24%.

In the Mimmilä Shop, you can now find additional parts, e.g. Jibun Techo B6 Lite Mini in and Happy Planner Mini in.
Several different color options are available. €2.59 / sheet , including VAT 24%.

Additions suitable for Hobo Weeks calendars are also new!
Available in several different colors. €2.59 / sheet , including VAT 24%.

Timeless deco stickers - without forgetting the New Year

Mimmilä's Jalopeuras haven't even seen Leijon, but they have even more magic!
€3.36 / sheet , incl. VAT 24%

At Mimmilä Shop you can find stickers for decorating the last opening of the year!
The graphics on the sticker are hand drawn. New Beginnings sticker sheet €2.83 / sheet , incl. VAT 24%

Mimmilä Shop will take place at the end of 2020

27.11.2020 Black Friday - Mimmilä Shop's first big sale campaign
6.12.2020 Mimmilä Shop half a year ! Especially the members of the Backroom should be heard at that time
On December 8, 2020, an unprecedented collaboration will be published! Follow Mimmilä Shop on the official social media channels: Facebook Instagram
14.12.2020 - 6.1.2020 Mimmilä Shop's Christmas holiday : during the holiday, the online store will be open as usual, but orders will be delivered to the post office within 1-7 days from the order. No mailing during Christmas week 21-26 December 2020. Orders placed during Christmas will be mailed on Sunday 27 December 2020.

November's Novelty coverage is the biggest in Mimmilä Shop's history.
I really hope you find the stickers that inspire you in your calendar.

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