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Sea fantasy in stickers:
Mimmilä Shop x VelhotarDesign

I am really happy to tell you about this new, fantastic collaboration pattern with VelhotarDesign! I'm even happier when I can tell you that the artist behind the graphics is the incredibly talented Lotta Ranne , who also enjoys calendar crafting herself!

Cooperation with Lota has been really easy and meaningful. It's been wonderful to see what happens when the artist is given free rein, thinking a little about the topic out loud. I have a small itch that this collaboration will continue for a long time.
Find out more about Lotta on Instagram here!

Lotta says that she has been drawing for a long time, but only in the last couple of years did she get excited about drawing again due to her calendar hobby. "I like the graphics and stickers made by others, but sometimes there has been a need to make a mark that looks like myself in between the calendars. That's also why it's amazing that soon the graphics I make are on other people's pages, not just my own!"

Check out the entire VelhotarDesign collection here

June's All Orders Freebie

June's All Orders Freebie is delivered free of charge and automatically to all orders between June 1-30, 2021. You can find more freebies in Mimmilä Shop's Back Room!


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I hope you found stickers you like in Mimmilä Shop!

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