Collection: Roosa's favourites

Check out Mimmilä Shop's own PR girl Roosa's favorite stickers!

Roosa is characterized by a bold use of colors, an abundance of stickers and a layered composition with calendar openings. Roosa has been doing bujoing since 2017.

Roosa likes Mimmilä Shop's stickers especially because they are colorful and high-quality cut. Roosa also likes the fact that in addition to traditional flower stickers, the online store also offers stickers suitable for a more minimalist taste. Mimmilä Shop actively publishes new products, which is why it is always interesting to visit the online store.

Roosa is active live in the Tuunausgram Facebook group, for example. You should follow Roosa's Facebook Lives, because the PR girl always has a little ace up her sleeve! Also follow Roosa on Instagram @roosmariinicrafts

Check out Roosa's favorite products below!