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Vinyl Sticker with Your Name

Vinyl Sticker with Your Name

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A made-from-order vinyl sticker with your name, that you can add, for example, to the cover of your planner.

Vinyl sticker of professional quality vinyl. Choose either a one- or two-part name and the color you want from the drop-down menu!

Delivered pre-plucked with transfer film. The size of the vinyl sticker varies according to your name. The example in the picture is about 10 cm x 3.5 cm.

NOTE these things when ordering:

- If you want to use something other than your own name as text on your vinyl sticker, please indicate the exact instructions in the "additional info" box at checkout. You can freely write your own instructions in the message field. Special characters are also allowed (e.g. @)

- Also state the desired size of the vinyl sticker in the "additional info" box aty checkout, if you want the sticker to fit a certain planner cover of a certain size project.

- If no instructions are given for making the vinyl sticker, the vinyl sticker will be made according to the first name shown in the order and according to the size given in this sample product

- If the customer orders a one-part name instead of a two-part one and no additional instructions are given with the order, the price paid for the wrong product will be returned to the customer, and no sticker will be delivered

- You can also send additional instructions regarding the vinyl sticker by e-mail


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