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Suomeksi 🇫🇮

"LUXE LIVING" 30- sivuinen tarrakirja.

  • Koti & sisustus-teema
  • Valkoinen matta tarrapaperi
  • Koko noin 15 cm x 25 cm
  • Sisältää useiden artistien grafiikkaa

in English 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

The LUXE LIVING Sticker Book is a chic collection of home decor themed stickers! This book is filled with 30 pages of beautiful florals and luxe living deco stickers including: girls, home decor accents, furniture, quotes and much more! This book also include stunning home decor scenes of a living room, bedroom, coffee bar, home office, backyard garden, craft room, and a chill/cozy room!

  • 30 sheets of stickers
  • 13 designs (2 pages of each design) + 4 designs (1 page of each design)
  • Printed on matte white sticker paper 
  • Dimensions: 6x10 inch
  • Designs painted and created by multiple artists