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TCMC: "Splurge Day Emotis" tarra-arkki

TCMC: "Splurge Day Emotis" tarra-arkki

Normaalihinta 4,49€
Normaalihinta Alennushinta 4,49€
ALE Loppuunmyyty
Sisältää veron.
TheCoffeeMonsterzCo supersuloinen Emotis tarra-arkki.
Arkin koko 8,5 cm x 11 cm.

Emotis are no stranger to a tight budget, but as you can see they are the happiest when they get to shop till they drop ^_^ These stickers are perfect to help you get your finances in order! 

TCMC stickers are printed on matte non-removable sticker paper. Each sheet is kiss-cut for you to use right away!

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