What is a calendar craft?

The use of analog paper calendars has not decreased, although there are more and more digital options available. With stickers from Mimmilä Shop, you can create aesthetically stunning openings for your paper calendar!

Calendar tuning combines craftsmanship and aesthetics

Calendar tuning is a trend in the hobby of paper crafting, where you tune a paper calendar, notebook or notebook.

In addition to the analog calendar, the central themes of calendar mapping are its functionality, but especially aesthetics. The tuned paper calendar is beautiful, but primarily a daily tool that works for its user.

Sticker love

When you take your first steps in calendar crafting, you will quickly notice that you see the stickers in a completely different light. Stickers are one of the most important tools for calendar tuning; with stickers you create wonderful openings in your calendar!

Calendar tuning is communal

There are a large number of people in Finland who are actively engaged in calendar tuning and crafts, most of them even on a daily basis.

Thanks to social media, calendar crafting is about doing things together, sharing inspiration and enjoying the joy of crafting together! Like any other hobby, calendar crafting brings like-minded people together around a common interest, and finding friends is more than likely.

Is calendar crafting for me?

Short answer: yes!

Calendar making is suitable for you as a hobby, whether you have used paper calendars before or not. At its simplest, you need a suitable notebook and a pen for calendar crafting.

As the hobby deepens, you may discover new calendar tuning styles and tuning methods, or even calendars you've never heard of before! If you like things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes (and maybe a little glitter too?), you've just found yourself a new hobby!

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