What is Planning..?

The use of analog paper calendars has not decreased, although there are more and more digital options available. With or stickers you can create aesthetically stunning spreadss for your planner!

Planning combines easthetics and creativity

Planning is a sub trend in the field of paper crafting. When you are planning, you are making your paper planner, notebook or bujo pretty, appealing and more fun to use! The main themes of planning is its' functionality; decorating your planner makes you want to use it more, and therefore it enhances your time management! 

Sticker love

When you submerge yourself in to planning for the first time you will quickly notice that you see the stickers in a completely different light. Stickers are one of the most convinient tools for making your planner spreads pretty and functional!

The Planner Community

There are a large number of people in Finland and all over the world who actively do planning and crafts, most of them even on a daily basis!

Thanks to social media, planning is about doing things together, sharing inspiration and enjoying the beauty of crafting and planning together! Like any other hobby, planning brings like-minded people together around a common interest, and finding friends is more than likely.

Could Planning be my hobby?

Short answer: yes!

Planning is suitable for you as a hobby, whether you have used paper planners before or not. What you need at minimum is a suitable notebook and a pen and you are all set!

As you get to know the joy of planning abit more, you may discover new ways to plan and being creative, or even planners you've never heard of! If you like pretty things and being creative, you've just found yourself a new hobby!

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