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AmberPlansHerDay: Seasonal Florals Sticker Book

AmberPlansHerDay: Seasonal Florals Sticker Book

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta 26,95€
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đź’ś Suomeksi đź’ś

30-sivuinen tarrakirja täynnä upeita kukkaistarroja kaikkiin vuodenaikoihin!

  • Sisältää kukkatarroja, joiden lisäksi niiden väriteemaan sopivia boxitarroja, listasuikaleita ym funktionaalisia tarroja
  • 20 sivua tarroja, jotka kirkkaalla, matalla tarrapaperilla
  • 10 sivua tarroja, jotka matalla, valkoisella tarrapaperilla
  • Sisältää useiden artistien grafiikkaa
  • Koko 6'' x 10'' eli noin 15 cm x 25 cm

đź’ś In English đź’ś

Included: ONE 6 by 10 sticker book with 30 sticker pages. 20 pages are on clear sticker paper and 10 are on paper matte sticker paper.

Design: This book is filled with the most beautiful florals for each season! Each collection has florals, boxes, lists, and dots that all match the color scheme of the florals for that collection!

Use: Perfect for paper planners to help you plan your life day by day. Make amazing seasonal spreads with the beautiful florals in this sticker book!

Disclaimer: Physical product may vary slightly in color from what appears on the computer screen. There may be bubbling on some of the clear sticker sheets. This is normal and doesn't affect the sticker in any way.

Please Note: I value supporting other artists and their work. Artwork is hand-painted and created by talented illustrators.

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