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TAS: Weekly Gellykannet

TAS: Weekly Gellykannet

Normaalihinta 18,99€
Normaalihinta 22,99€ Alennushinta 18,99€
ALE Loppuunmyyty
Sisältää ALV 24%
Alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän sisällä: 22,99€
The Angel Shoppe Weeks kokoiselle plannerille sopivat gelly kannet kahdella eri designilla.
Valitse alasvetovalikostahaluamasi design.

- Kynäpidike
- Sisätaskuja

- Sopii myös Hobo Weeks ja PP Weeks
- Tiukahko Hobo Weeks Megalle. Valmistaja ohjeistaa asettamaan ko.kalenterin gellykansineen esimerkiksi painavan kirjan alle, jolloin kansi asettuu.

In English:

Fits TAS Weekly Planners, the Hobonichi weeks and PP weeks planners!
  • Tons of interior pockets- a total of 5 compartments to store your stickers, cards, receipts, cash, washi, etc. Interior pockets come in a frosted gelly material for a unique, chic and modern look.
  • Includes a pen loop designed to fit our chic pens. Our pen loop is designed extra sturdy to hold your chic pen. 
  • The Angel Shoppe logo is stamped on the upper top back as well as on the left interior of each of our covers to show authenticity for our covers. Depending on the style cover you choose, this may come in holographic foiling or rose gold foiling.
  • covers will fit hobonichi mega weeks, however may be a little snug at first. Once the gelly cover is on your hobonichi mega weeks, we suggest laying a textbook on the cover when in first use

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