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All Hearts Day

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A large sheet of hand-drawn, watercolor-painted hearts and heart-shaped balloon stickers for all calendar tuning.

The stickers on the All Hearts Day sheet are suitable for calendar crafts all year round, but are especially useful for all Valentine's Day-themed crafts. In addition to the calendar, use stickers in ATC card, Zine or, for example, artiaukaema!

The size of an individual sticker varies; the size of the big pair of heart stickers in the middle of the sheet is about 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Sheet size approx. 11 cm x 17 cm, rounded edges. Stickers cut to shape.

The watermark shown in the product image does not appear in the finished product. The actual color of the products may vary due to color differences between monitors. Premium matte sticker paper.