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Kuutar vinyl sticker

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10 cm x 10 cm holographic, waterproof "Kuutar" vinyl sticker. Choose the color you want from the drop-down menu!

Vinyl sticker of professional quality vinyl. Delivered pre-plucked with transfer film.

Here's how to place a vinyl sticker on your project:

1. Remove the transfer film on top of the sticker from the white base material. The vinyl sticker rises with the transparent transfer film.

2. Place the vinyl sticker with the transfer film where you want in your project, for example in the middle of the cover of your calendar. Make sure the area is clean and dry!

3. Rub the transfer film on the vinyl sticker thoroughly so that the vinyl sticker adheres neatly to the desired spot.

4. Peel off the transfer film at a 45 degree angle from the top of the vinyl sticker. Ready!

Please note that the sticker on the transfer film is designed to be very easy to stick. If the vinyl sticker does not immediately rise with the transfer film, rub the transfer sticker over the vinyl pattern thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.