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Hobo Weeks accessories: Pastel Colors

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Hobo Weeks fitted accessories in pastel colors!
In the sheet, day cover stickers for three weeks and eight tracker stickers per shade!
Select the desired color scale from the drop-down menu.

Mimmilä Shop's Hobo Weeks add-ons offer day blanket stickers familiar from crystals and tracker stickers that match their shades. With the help of add-ons, you can more freely implement a weekly view on your Hobosi pages without the actual kit or, for example, in an art style. Add-ons are also smart to pair with putty jams , so you don't waste a single sticker of your sticker crystals!

Sheet size approx. 10 cm x 16 cm, rounded edges.

The watermark in the product image does not appear in the finished product. The actual color of the products may vary due to color differences between monitors. Premium matte sticker paper.