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Tonic Studios: Tim Holtz Micro-Serrated 7" Titanium Cutters

Tonic Studios: Tim Holtz Micro-Serrated 7" Titanium Cutters

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Keskikoiset sakset paperiaskarteluun.

  • Terässä non-stick pinnoite, joka estää liimajäämien kerääntymistä
  • Terässä sahalaita, joka estää saksien tylsymistä ennen aikojaan
  • Pehmeä materiaali takaa mukavan saksimistuntuman
  • Kärkisuoja
  • Pituus noin 17,8 cm


With a non-stick coating to minimize adhesive build-up, a micro-serrated cutting edge and Kushgrip handles for comfort, the Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro-Serrated Cutter is the perfect crafter's companion. Included is a plastic cap for safe storage, which also helps to protect the quality and sharpness of the scissors.

The Tim Holtz 7" Micro Serrated Titanium Snip offers the following features for the best cutting performance that you can experience - 

  • Kushgrip comfort with large handles to prevent hand fatigue.
  • Titanium coating of the blades prevents corrosion and minimises adhesive build-up when cutting sticky medium.
  • Micro-serrated blade edge to enable controlled cutting on a wide variety of materials
  • Double bevelled blades to perform the perfect cut
  • Blade safety cap to keep the product safe when not in use

✓ Overall product length 7"/17.8cm

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